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Conquer Your Canada Dreams with PTE Core & PTE Academy!

Calling all adventurers, dreamers, and maple syrup enthusiasts! Pearson’s brand-new PTE Core test is officially open for bookings, starting February 12th, 2024! This game-changer unlocks doors to work, migrate, or even settle permanently in the stunning land of hockey fans and breathtaking landscapes.

But what makes PTE Core your path to Canadian bliss?

    • Fast results: Get your scores in just 48 hours! No agonizing wait times. ⚡️

    • Flexible scheduling: Book a test date that fits your busy life. No need to disrupt your schedule.

    • Comfy testing: Take the test from the comfort of your nearest Pearson test center. Convenience and test-taking confidence? Yes, please!

    • Affordable price: PTE Core offers competitive pricing for your future investment.

But PTE Core is more than just a test. It assesses your everyday English skills in situations you’ll encounter daily in Canada, like ordering coffee, chatting with neighbors, or reading news articles. This practical and relevant approach prepares you for real-life communication in your new home.

Ready to unlock your Canadian adventure?

    • Book your PTE Core test: Visit Pearson PTE and choose your date and test center.

    • Elevate your chances with PTE Academy: Enroll in our comprehensive PTE Core exam preparation program. Our expert-led classes, top-notch study materials, and personalized guidance will give you the edge you need to ace the test.

    • Start visualizing your Canadian life: With PTE Core and PTE Academy by your side, those dreams are closer than ever!

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PTE Core – Your key to unlocking the Canadian dream! 🇨🇦

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Remember, the path to Canada starts with one step. Take that step with PTE Core and PTE Academy!

A noteworthy development in the realm of language proficiency testing has arisen. The esteemed Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has entrusted Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, to launch its newest language test, PTE Core. This new version of the Pearson Test of English is designed with a more practical and real-life focus to meet IRCC’s language proficiency requirements. The digital test, delivered through Pearson VUE, harnesses the latest technology such as AI scoring and biometric data collection for enhanced accuracy and security. Test takers can receive their results in just 1.3 days, with the option to book a test at one of the 400 PTE centers located in 118 countries, and take advantage of year-round testing slots. PTE Core arrives at a crucial time, with Canada’s plans to welcome a record number of permanent residents and a high demand for professionals in various fields. Pearson’s innovation and rigor behind the quick and high-quality testing experience truly transform the lives of those seeking to prove their English language proficiency.

Introducing PTE Core

PTE Core is now available for bookings! Approved for Canadian migration, it stands as the new Canada-approved test for work and migration.

A recent addition to the Pearson Test of English (PTE) suite of tests, PTE Core is a 4-skills test assessing everyday English skills rather than academic ones.

Ideal for those aiming to work, migrate, or seek permanent residency in Canada, PTE Core is recognized by the Canadian Government (IRCC) for all economic visa categories.

Planning to study in Canada? Remember, PTE Academic remains the test for you.

Everything you expect from a PTE English test

PTE Core encompasses all the features that have made PTE Academic so popular among test-takers.

It offers a simpler experience: a single computer-based test at a test center. Moreover, you can expect to receive scores within 2 business days, along with fair automated scoring that reduces human bias.

Common questions

What is PTE Core, and who is it for?

PTE Core stands as the latest addition to the Pearson Test of English (PTE) suite of tests. It’s a 4-skills test assessing general English skills for everyday situations rather than academic ones. Recognized by the Canadian Government for work and migration visas, PTE Core is ideal for those aiming to work, migrate, or seek permanent residency in Canada.

Is PTE Core suitable for studying in Canada?

No, PTE Core isn’t suitable for studying in Canada. PTE Academic remains the only PTE test suitable for studying in Canada.

What’s the difference between PTE Academic and PTE Core?

PTE Core focuses solely on testing English skills in everyday situations, unlike PTE Academic, which is suitable for studying in Canada and is accepted by all the same universities and professional institutions.

When can I book PTE Core?

PTE Core is now available for bookings!

Can I take PTE Core online or at home?

No, PTE Core is only available to take in PTE test centers.

What PTE Core score do I need?

The PTE Core test features a score range of between 10 and 90, with 90 being the maximum score. Test-takers receive a personalized Score Report showing the overall test score plus the score breakdown for each of the four English skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking). The score needed for your visa will depend on the type of visa you apply for, as detailed on the Canadian Government website.

How can I prepare for PTE Core?

The most effective way to prepare for PTE Core is by familiarizing yourself with the test format. Pearson provides a test handbook, videos, and written instructions to guide you through each question type, with additional preparation materials available in the future.

Where can I take the PTE Core test?

PTE Core is now available for bookings at PTE test centers in Canada and worldwide.

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