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I had written PTE exam quite a few times but was not getting my desired score hence went for a fast track coaching to the PTE academy. Their tips and guidance helped me to find the consistency and was able to crack the exam.
Kajal Kaur 89 Scorer
Interactive teaching approach is used. Tips and strategies given are extremely helpful in the exam. The classes are very enjoyable ...
ALEKHYA 90 Scorer
I found PTE academy very helpful in achieving my desired score which was 79 plus. I achieved 87+ score in PTE and I found the teaching methods and the tips to be very useful and helpful.
Sujesh 87 Score
The simple tips and techniques taught by Rizwan Sir helped me a lot to score 90 on PTE
Mazhar 90 Score
I was just not confident before coming here, and now after writing the exam, I can tell you that this is the best institute for PTE training , and Rizwan sir is absolutely awesome and his just can believe in him and follow his tips.
Fouzan Muhammad 78 scorer
I have undergone training at this institute, as you know PTE is computer based test, and tricks which Rizwan Sir teaches suffice the purpose to score adequately. Thanks for your support.
Shaikh Noman 74 Scorer
The best pte coaching academy in Hyderabad. Rizwan sir teaching is amazing...
Furkhan Ali 69 scorer
If you are a person who is religiously looking out for help in scoring above 79+ in all the 4 modules of PTE, you need guidance from Rizwan sir. To say it ALL in one sentence - 'You will do it, because he believes that you can do it'...
Rajashekar 79+ in all modules
Hard work + Tips and Tricks from Rizwan Sir + Positive attitude will definitely fetch you the score which you are looking for 🙂
Shahid 87 SCORER
It was really helpful to me..Very good academy. I recommend it to everyone who needs a good pte score.
Ubaidulla 75 SCORER
Thank you soo much for your support. Your efficient, effective and fun ways of practicing PTE helped me score 73 in overall and full 90 in speaking.
Sayeed Muzamil 73 Scorer
It is thanks to PTE ACADEMY that I achieved this in the first attempt..
Nehal 90 Scorer
Rizwan Sir helped me in getting 88 overall score in PTE. His teaching style is unique and efficient. He helped me understand how to approach different questions.
Maqdoom Ali 88 SCORER
I scored 89 on the PTE Academic exam. I am grateful for the wonderful training.
Abdul Rahman 89 SCORER
Top notch training. I scored 84 overall and 90(speaking),although I just attended 3 days classes and that too only for speaking.
Apoorv Saxena 84 SCORER
This is the best institute for PTE coaching. Rizwan sir will help you with all the tips and tricks to score good marks in the exam. You will also feel very confident after attending the classes.
Nitu Sharma 78 SCORER
Right place to get motivated and score good.. thank you so much for your last minute help. It really added value to my practice ..
Prashanthi 68 SCORER
Friendly environment with valuable tips and Great way of teaching that surely enables u to improve. I definitely suggest this institute to anyone who wants to get a good score in Pte.
Husna 88 SCORER
The strategies and tricks worked like magic for me. I would strongly recommend everyone to approach PTE academy for preparation of PTE exams if you aim to achieve Super success in short time.
Yasmin 78 SCORER
Best PTE training in Hyderabad.. Thanks Rizwan sir for your valuable training and support
Abdul Shafay 68 SCORER
The atmosphere in class is very good and very appealing to sit and stay focused for your exam.
Kiran Kumar 70 Scorer
Best institute for PTE .......
Asma Shaik 74 Scorer
Found the best coaching center in Hyderabad for PTE. All the modules are clearly explained. Though the teaching is for a group of students, the focus will be on each and every individual. They understand the students' drawbacks and solve them to enhance their overall performance prior attending the exam.
Mubeen 68 Scorer
I got an overall score of 75 with a 90 in speaking. I am extremely happy with the training and grateful for the help recieved in the class.
Abrar Desai 75 SCORER
I came to know about PTE Academy through a friend and I am glad that I joined here, as they helped me score 66 in PTE.
Abdul Haq 66 Scorer
I got excellent guidance in all modules especially reading, listening and writing. I am also grateful for all the positive spirit that I got here.
Niharika 76 Scorer
Learned good techniques to score better in PTE...This is the best coaching centre in Hyderabad, as they provide good tips and individual attention..Really overwhelmed with happiness to get an overall score of 80..All thanks to Rizwan sir 🙂
Sadiya 80 SCORER
Excellent teaching style and tips which were really helpful. Rizwan sir has superb experience in teaching, at the same time he is always available for students. I gained lot of confidence and self belief and scored 76 in PTE.
Santosh 76 Scorer
Very good institute.. these guys always help. Thanks for helping me get 67 score even though my weakest subject is English.
Bhushan Kumar 67 Scorer
PTE Academy is indeed the best coaching center in Hyderabad for PTE exam , which has excellent course structure and content designed to crack PTE .The tips and tactics help you to get more than the desired PTE score. The lectures are not only bound to course content but also help to improve your confidence and make you believe in yourself.
Pratap Seesala 76 Scorer
Best institute for PTE in Hyderabad. I joined immediately after the demo. Rizwan sir's tips are most useful in the exam. He teaches the tips and also helps to boost our confidence and motivates us with his tricks which help students to achieve good scores in the exam.
Prerna 71 Scorer
I was struggling with reading section.Followed Rizwan sir's tips, and I was able to achieve my required score...
Wasi Ahmed 70 Scorer
It's a wonderful academy for PTE exam preparation. Following Rizwan Sir's tips ,and practicing helps you get better marks than you expected. I'm blessed to have taken training from him, and could achieve 77 score in my very first attempt. Thanks again Sir.
Tirumala Rao 77 Scorer
Came to know about the institute, visited, enrolled the same day, acquired more than enough tactics in a short span and cracked the PTE exam. I'd say this is the best institute that moulds a candidate for the PTE examination in an outstanding way. One can score the required points just by following Rizwan Sir's simple tips. Guys do visit if you're planning to attempt PTE.
Idrees Siddiqui 66 Scorer
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of this excellent PTE coaching center.I highly recommend this institute,you will experience the privilege to learn many things regarding English as a language and PTE as a course.
Abrar Ahmed 71 Scorer
I gave 5 stars because of the tips and continuous classes given by sir are enough and our effort also matters. It's one of the best coaching centers.
Akhil Kumar 66 Scorer
I would say this is the best institute for PTE training. I would like to really appreciate Rizwan sir for his wonderful approach to teaching and his tips.All the classes were very good and sir made each and everyone to practice all tasks which make you practice more and more. I thank GOD for giving my desired score. Thank you PTE ACADEMY.
Neelima 68 Scorer
I literally worried about this exam before joining PTE Academy, as my score was very low in speaking section. But after joining, I gained confidence and cleared this exam because of the tips and tricks provided by Rizwan sir during the class. (Sometimes even after class).
Feroze Khan 75 scorer
PTE academy is the best coaching center with best tutor Rizwan sir helped me to gain confidence and aimed to achieve required scores with his incredible teaching methods and tricks.I strongly recommend to join this institute to achieve good and outstanding results.
Ruhi 74 scorer
Thank you very much Rizwan sir, you made my dream come true. The BEST PTE coaching centre in Hyderabad.
Tejeshwar Reddy 68 Scorer
Rizwan Sir has exceptional expertise not just with the Training, but also with guidance to score good in this Test.His clues must be taken seriously and must be applied during Test.I wish all the aspirants the Best, and I insist to join PTE Academy for better than desired results.I scored 86 out of 90, while I only needed 65 for My Visa Processing. Now I have better chances in comparison with other Applicants
Mohammed Ahmed Aqeel 86 Scorer
I am glad that I went to PTE academy for classes and I think that it was a perfect choice to get trained at PTE academy under the dedicated and experienced tutor Mr. Rizwan.He is a thorough professional and friendly tutor. I can strongly say and recommend this institute for gaining good score in PTE academy.Thanks Sir for your effective teaching methods and your tips definitely work while taking the test.Thanks once again
Shashanka Chary 71 Scorer
The only institute in Hyderabad for EXCELLENT PTE coaching. RIZWAN Sir is not only the best teacher but also a great source of inspiration and support. His unique and extraordinary techniques help a lot. Do visit for a demo and you will find the difference in just 15 minutes. All the Best.
Mohd Ubaidullah Shareef 81 Scorer
From bottom of heart I would like to thank Rizwan sir for helping me to get 75+ in PTE. It was hard to manage time due to job timings but thanks to Sir tips it really helped in getting my desired result . Again thank you so much sir for your valuable inputs and helping me to take another step near to my goal
Sameer Anurag 75 Scorer
One of the best trainings I attended so far. There was no second thought after attending the DEMO. The training plan is superb and flexible. Thank you PTE Academy and it's staff for giving me the confidence to take the PTE exam.
Chandra Sekhar Balla 76 scorer
I would recommend PTE Academy if you are targeting 79+ and surely you will get it. I was struggling with my speaking and reading module score during my last 3 PTE-A attempts and then one of my friend advised me to contact PTE Academy. I got 90 in speaking and 89 in reading while earlier I was getting less than 75 in both of them. Rizwan sir's speaking technique and patience is appreciable.He focuses on individual's weaknesses and suggests remedies accordingly and obviously that helped me a lot.
Tapas Biswas 81 scorer
I would like to recommend to the learners who wants to get good score in PTE just one place i.e. PTE Academy. After researching several Training Institutes, I ended up with PTE Academy, Mehadipatnam. My PTE trainer was so helpful in replying, solving the issues and Explanations are clean, clear, easy to understand. Best Training Institute for PTE at Mehadipatnam.
Swathi Tulluri 69 scorer
Practicing the tips given in the classroom helped improve my confidence... helped polish my strengths and helped me improve in my weak areas. It was an overall great learning experience...
Prashanti 84 scorer
Only few people will have cognitive teaching skills and I am glad that Rizwan sir is one among them. The coaching we take from him not only provides us with the tips to crack the exam but also motivates and makes us confident for facing the exam boldly. His teaching skills are simply superb. Really one of the best institutes for PTE coaching in hyderabad. Last but not least, no one will regret for having joined in this institute for coaching.
Mamatha karnati 66 scorer
I believe RIZWAN SIR is the finest teacher available for PTE training in Hyderabad..Thank you soo much for taking an extra mile in teaching me and my wife with patience...
Abdul Rehman Khaleefa 71 scorer
My experience with pte has been great..according to me this is the best coaching centre in hyderabad for pte... the teaching staff is really great.. everything taught here is helpful!.
Mohammed Meer 77 scorer
Alhumdulilah best tutor of hyderabad. I was struggling for 7 bands and by the grace of Allah and with the help of Rizwan sir alhumdulilah I scored. Thanks to whole team of Rizwan sir from my side.
Junaid Malik 67 score
The demo session was enough to feel confident about getting the desired score. The insights to every section , tips and tricks shared by sir are very very useful.
Jawahar Jabeen 70 scorer
All the way from bangalore to here at hyderabad for my pte coaching classes !!!!!! Excellent centre with a great tutor Mr Rizwan.If u need a right armour to gear up yourself for PTE then THIS IS THE PLACE U NEED TO GO.Thanks for all the guidance u have given me sir.
Diana Lazarus 71 Scorer
Best PTE coaching centre in Hyderabad. Under the guidance of such a seasoned tutor like Rizwan Sir, you can do wonders. Bliss 🙂
Jayakrishnan Nair 87 Scorer
Really the best institute. Actually with my busy work life I could not do more practice but tips and coaching methods of the institute helped me to score good in my first attempt. I attended a demo session, that day I decided I will get my score. That's the confidence they gave me. I am really thankful to my trainer from the bottom of my heart.
Ramesh Dasari 79 Score
My experience with training at PTE academy was amazing, and Rizwan sir's classes are not to be missed. As most of them told me before joining , that we just need to follow what sir teaches in the class, and trust me I did the same and my score surprised me...Its my pleasure to be associated with this academy, and I strongly recommend PTE aspirants to join PTE academy for the best training sessions.
Kalyan Manda 77 Score
Awesome coaching for PTE-A exam by Rizwan Sir. He is one of the best tutors I've seen. A very methodical approach is incorporated in his teaching. The tips are very easy to apply and are very fetching. He ensures that all his students are on par with PTE standards and doesn't give up till then.PTE is just like any other exam, apart from skills, one must require the right approach to crack it.With the help of this coaching I scored - LRWS - 90,90,90,80 and I cannot thank Rizwan sir enough.
Swathi Sainadh 90 Score
Rizwan Sir is great tutor and mentor. His style of teaching is very good. He brings back the confidence to achieve good scores. Also, his tips on communication can be applied to real life scenarios which is a real value achieved from his classes.Thank you Rizwan Sir. Hats off to your spirit and hard work for us.
Abdulbari Shaikh 90 Score
PTE Academy has a laser-like focus on the PTE Exam and is by far the best institute for PTE that you can find in the twin cities. I scored straight 90s in all sections thanks to PTE Academy.
Shiv Keskar 90 Scorer
I have made a good choice for my PTE training, good techniques and practice assignments to quickly learn and implement.I strongly recommend this institute for all attempting PTE.
Aparna Ali 87 Score

PTE Academy offers the best PTE coaching classes in Hyderabad and best studying experience to students.

Our courses aim to help students with PTE  exam skills training and practice. With our well-structured and comprehensive classes, based on the best modern communicative teaching methods, our students are guaranteed the best chance to gain the results necessary to pass PR, Visa and University language requirements.

Regular Batches

4 week classes

Our 4-Week PTE Courses are scheduled, instructor-led face-to-face courses. Hands-on activities help you apply what you’ve learned right away. 

Fast Track Batch

8 Day classes

Our 8-day PTE course is a face- to- face, dynamic course designed to quickly prepare you for the PTE Academic.

Weekend Batch

5 saturdays

Our PTE weekend course is a face- to- face instructor- led course for busy people who work full time and can not attend regular classes.

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Personalized Coaching

Our teachers leave no stone unturned to polish you. Personal attention is given to all the students in all the modules.


Small Batches

We have kept small batch size to enable a conducive environment for learning


Intensive Course Structure

The course structure has been designed with precision to help you attain your target score


Flexible Timings

Be it studies or work, we accommodate your availability and provide full day timings as per your convenience.


Convenient Location

PTE Academy is conveniently located at  Mehdipatnam which provides connectivity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport through the PV Narasimha Rao Expressway to the rest of Hyderabad.


Superb Results

Our students regularly score more than what their program requires them to.

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PTE Academy

Call: +917207115105 Email: Address: 102, Imperial Building, Behind Sai Baba Temple, Pillar No. 54, Padmanabha Nagar Colony, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500028

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