PTE Vocabulary Collocations

PTE Vocabulary Collocations

PTE Reading keywords 2024

Learning PTE Vocabulary Collocations is essential if you are preparing for the PTE Academic exam and need a decent score. 

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Learning PTE Vocabulary Collocations is essential if you are preparing for the PTE Academic exam and need a decent score. Collocations are words that go together naturally. Learning collocations is essential for making your English sound fluent and natural!

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Here are some  PTE Vocabulary Collocations that you need to know. It isn’t easy to learn these by heart, but you can read these PTE reading keywords frequently as they can be useful in your exam.

PTE Vocabulary Collocations

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Ace the PTE Academic: Top Vocabulary Word Combinations to Master!

Conquering the PTE Academic requires more than just knowing individual words. Mastering top PTE vocabulary word combinations elevates your score by showcasing natural language usage and understanding. This post empowers you with essential combinations and strategies to shine in the vocabulary section.

Why Focus on Word Combinations?

The PTE Academic assesses not just word knowledge, but also your ability to use words effectively in context. Word combinations, like “cutting-edge technology” or “profound impact,” demonstrate your fluency and understanding of nuances.

Unlock Your Vocabulary Power:

Here are some top PTE reading keywords across various categories:


– Cutting-edge technology: Latest and most advanced technology.
– Profound impact: Deep and significant effect.
– In-depth analysis: Detailed and thorough examination.
– Wide range of applications: Many different uses.
– Crucial role: Essential and important function.


– Empirical evidence: Data based on observation and experiment.
– Hypothesis formulation: Proposing an explanation to be tested.
– Data analysis and interpretation: Examining and explaining data.
– Methodological approach: Way of conducting research or solving problems.
– Ethical considerations: Moral and responsible aspects of research or actions.

Social & Business:

– Sustainable development: Meeting current needs without compromising future generations.
– Global challenges: Issues affecting the world as a whole.
– Effective communication: Clear and successful exchange of information.
– Strategic planning: Long-term decision-making and goal setting.
– Diverse perspectives: Different points of view and opinions.

Remember: Practice is key! Incorporate these top PTE vocabulary word combinations into your writing and speaking, and actively seek new ones to expand your vocabulary arsenal.

Pro Tips for Mastery:

– Learn word combinations within context: Understand how they are used in sentences and paragraphs.
– Create your own word combinations: Think of new ways to combine words you know.
– Use synonyms and antonyms: Expand your vocabulary knowledge by exploring related words.
– Read widely and diversely: Immerse yourself in different types of texts to encounter new combinations.
– Practice using them in different contexts: Apply your knowledge in speaking, writing, and listening tasks.PTE reading keywords

By mastering PTE reading keywords and following these effective tips, you’ll unlock a powerful tool to elevate your score and impress the PTE examiners. Remember, consistent practice and strategic learning are key to vocabulary mastery!

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