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1. Look at the text below promoting the benefits of laughter as a form of medicine. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

Forget the gym! Laughter truly is the best medicine. Studies show a hearty laugh can boost the immune system, lower stress hormones, and even increase pain tolerance. So, share a joke with a friend, watch a funny movie, or simply find humor in everyday situations. Your body (and mood) will thank you. 

2. Look at the text below describing the communication method of honeybees. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

The humble honeybee, responsible for pollinating a third of the world’s food crops, performs a complex waggle dance to communicate the location of flowers to hivemates. By decoding the dance’s direction and duration, bees can efficiently locate a bountiful source of nectar, ensuring the survival of both the colony and the plants they pollinate.


3. Look at the text below discussing the world’s quietest room at Microsoft’s headquarters. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

Did you know the world’s quietest room is located at Microsoft’s headquarters? Designed to test the sensitivity of audio equipment, this anechoic chamber absorbs over 99.99% of sound waves, creating an environment so silent it’s described as unnerving. Standing inside, you can hear your own heartbeat and even the blood rushing through your ears.

4. Look at the text below discussing the discovery of the world’s oldest chewing gum. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

The world’s oldest chewing gum is over 9,000 years old! Discovered in Finland, this ancient gum was made from birch bark tar and animal fat. While the thought may not be appetizing, it provides fascinating evidence of early humans using substances similar to modern chewing gum for potentially medicinal or practical purposes.

5. Look at the text below describing the resilience of snowflakes. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

While most people think of snowflakes as delicate and intricate, they can also be surprisingly sturdy. Studies have shown that snowflakes can withstand high winds and even gentle collisions without breaking apart. This resilience allows them to reach the ground intact, contributing to the vital process of snowfall and water distribution.

6. Look at the text below discussing the world’s oldest known recipe. In 40 seconds you must read each text aloud as naturally and clearly possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.

The world’s oldest known recipe comes from ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to 1700 B.C. It’s a recipe for a stew made of lamb, broth, vegetables, and spices, suggesting that humans have been enjoying flavorful and complex dishes for millennia. This historical curiosity highlights the long and fascinating history of human cuisine.

Powerful PTE speaking preparation materials

Excelling in the Speaking section of the PTE exam necessitates a combination of proficiency and self-assurance in effectively conveying your thoughts. Our PTE Core Read Aloud PTE Practice Material is meticulously designed to help you cultivate and refine these crucial skills. Here’s why our resource stands out:

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Detailed Explanations: Alongside each practice question, you’ll find meticulous answer explanations that shed light on key concepts, provide pronunciation tips, and offer effective strategies for delivering a compelling response. This invaluable feedback will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to refine your speaking skills effectively.

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Comprehensive Learning Resources: PTE Academy provides a wealth of study materials. Combined with the expert guidance of instructors, these resources will equip you with the necessary tools to excel in the PTE Speaking section.

Flexible Learning Options: PTE Academy offers the flexibility of both online and offline classes. Whether you prefer the convenience of studying from home or the interaction of in-person learning, PTE Academy accommodates your preferences, ensuring that you can access their exceptional coaching regardless of your location.

To achieve success in the PTE Speaking section, consistent practice, comprehensive study materials, and expert guidance are paramount. Our PTE Core Read Aloud PTE Practice Material will sharpen your skills and bolster your confidence in expressing yourself fluently. For further enhancement, consider enrolling in PTE Academy, the top-tier PTE coaching center, which offers personalized instruction, extensive resources, and flexible learning options.Call 7207115105 to join today! Prepare diligently, and soon you’ll be well on your way to achieving your desired PTE score. Wishing you the best of luck on your PTE journey!


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