The New Color-coded PTE Score Reports
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Introducing Color-coded PTE Score Reports: Differentiate Between Pearson’s English Tests with Ease

Pearson PTE Team is thrilled to announce an exciting update regarding their ever-expanding portfolio of English Tests. They understand the importance of clearly distinguishing between the various tests they offer, and to facilitate this, they are introducing some significant changes to the PTE score reports.

Starting from the 5th of July, PTE Score Reports will employ a unique color scheme for each test within the expanded portfolio. This means that when governments and institutions verify score reports on the Pearson Score Report Website, they can easily identify the specific test at a glance.

Let’s take a closer look at the new color scheme for PTE score reports:

Any score report received or verified from the 5th of July onwards will showcase the new color scheme mentioned above. It is important to note that any PDF or hard copy score reports generated prior to the 5th of July will continue to display the previous color scheme.

PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI:

These reports will be adorned in a refreshing turquoise color, allowing for effortless recognition and differentiation.

PTE Online:

The score reports for PTE Online will feature a captivating purple color, making them stand out among the rest.

PTE Core:

Reports for PTE Core will be presented in an attention-grabbing orange color, ensuring easy identification.

PTE Home:

The PTE Home score reports will showcase an elegant coral color, making them instantly recognizable.

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