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Mastering the Clock: Top PTE Time Management Tips from PTE Academy

Hey PTE test takers! As a PTE coaching center with years of experience, understand the immense pressure of the exam, especially when it comes to PTE time management tips. The PTE format throws timed challenges at you across Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking sections. But fear not! By following these expert tips, you’ll be a PTE time management whiz come exam day.

General Tips to Conquer the Clock

Practice Makes Perfect

Simulate the real deal with timed practice tests. But use only official practice tests from as third-party tests are extremely unreliable. These tests will expose you to the pressure and pacing of the actual exam, allowing you to identify areas that need improvement.

Know Your Enemy

 Understanding the PTE format is key. Familiarize yourself with the structure and allocated time for each section. This way, you can strategize your time effectively.

Prioritize Like a Pro

Not all questions are created equal. Identify the high-scoring tasks (like summarize written text) and allocate more time to them. If time runs out, strategically let go of less valuable questions.

Be a Clock Watcher

Keep an eye on the timer throughout the exam. Don’t get bogged down on a single question. Move on to ensure you attempt all sections. Remember, some unanswered questions are better than running out of time entirely.

Section-Specific Strategies to Steal Time


 Skim Like a Champion

Don’t waste time re-reading the passage endlessly. Develop strong skimming and scanning skills to grasp key points and answer questions efficiently.


Practice a lot

 Develop strategies for different writing tasks (summarize written text, write an essay) to save precious seconds during the exam. Practice writing concisely and within the word limit.


Active Listening is King

Forget excessive note-taking! Focus on actively listening and identifying keywords that answer the questions. Learn to anticipate upcoming questions based on audio cues.


Prepare to Conquer

Utilize the preparation time to organize your thoughts and structure your response. Speak clearly and at a moderate pace to ensure fluency and avoid wasting time on corrections. Remember, a smooth delivery is more important than perfect grammar. If you stumble, don’t panic – speak the next word and move on.

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