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PTE listening choose multiple responses

Struggling with the “Choose Multiple Responses” section in the PTE Listening test? You’re not alone! But fear not, PTE Academy is here to help you excel.

What is “Choose Multiple Responses” in PTE Listening?

This question type throws a curveball by requiring you to select more than one correct answer from a list of options after listening to a short audio clip. It tests your ability to grasp key points, identify supporting details, and understand the overall message.

Dominate “Choose Multiple Responses” with PTE Academy’s Tips:

  • Pre-Listen Power: Don’t waste precious seconds! Utilize the 7 seconds before the audio starts to read the question and answer choices carefully. Identify keywords and potential themes related to the options.
  • Active Listening: Be an engaged listener! Focus on understanding the main ideas and details presented in the audio. Don’t get caught up on every word.
  • Keyword Magic: Pay close attention to keywords mentioned in the answer choices. When you hear these keywords in the audio, it’s a strong indicator that the corresponding option might be correct.
  • Don’t Be Fooled by Distractors: The answer choices will likely include some incorrect options designed to mislead you. Stay focused on identifying details that support multiple answers, not just one.
  • Selective Highlighting (Optional): If it helps you stay organized, highlight keywords in the answer choices as you hear them in the audio. This can jog your memory when making your final selections.
  • Time Management is Key: Remember, you can only listen to the audio once. Don’t spend too much time on any single question. If you’re unsure, make an educated guess and move on.
  • Negative Marking Woes? There’s a catch! PTE applies negative marking for incorrect answers. So, if you’re unsure about an option, it’s sometimes better to leave it blank than risk losing points.

Amplify Your PTE Success with PTE Academy

Ready to conquer the PTE Listening test, including the “Choose Multiple Responses” section? PTE Academy offers a comprehensive range of resources to boost your score:

  • Expert-led online and offline coaching: Learn valuable strategies and techniques from experienced PTE trainers.
  • Quality practice materials: Get comfortable with the “Choose Multiple Responses” format and refine your listening skills.
  • Targeted feedback: Receive personalized guidance on your listening strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t wait! Contact PTE Academy today and take control of your PTE journey.

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PTE Academy: Your Partner in PTE Listening Success!

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