Pte Academy congratulates 87 Scorer Sukhmani

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Scoring 87 on PTE academic Exam is no mean feat, so congratulations are in order. 

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One of the best academy to sharpen your skills for valuable and desired results..

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In people’s minds, a goal often seems like a distant dream with only a vague direction; in the case of PTE Academic, this can be – reaching a 79+ score by the end of next year, for example.
It’s convenient to get engrossed in dreaming about our goals or doing the bits from one of our favourite LSRW skills. Often, we get so caught up in doing this practice that we forget about doing what we need to get the desired PTE Academic score.

It is important to identify your goals and plan actions you have to do to get the results you want and to follow through with consistently doing the work.


  • Identify your goal. A target score so you will know when you reach it.
  • Make a plan that includes the tasks you need to take to reach your target score.
  • Add these tasks to your calendar. Practice and revise your LSRW skills.
  • Track your progress on meeting your important goals regularly.
  • Based on the results, adjust your plan to achieve your target score.



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