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Vocabulary for writing IELTS and PTE


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Here is the Vocabulary for writing IELTS and PTE that you need to know. It isn’t easy to learn these  collocations by heart, but you can read them frequently as they can be useful in your exam.

In a nutshell, vocabulary is a collection of words from a specific language. The term vocabulary can sometimes relate to a person’s knowledge of words. A typical English speaker, for example, should have a vocabulary of around 20,000 words.

However, it is essential to note that vocabulary is more than just knowing what a word means; you must also learn how to apply it. As a result, while possessing a 20,000-word active vocabulary, the average English speaker’s passive vocabulary is around 40,000 words.
To master a new language effectively, one must first understand its basic vocabulary. Typically, a person’s vocabulary expands over time. However, it is critical for persons learning a new language to grasp vocabulary for writing IELTS and PTE in a shorter length of time.


Vocabulary for writing IELTS and PTE also makes it easier to learn new words, which is one of the most challenging components of language learning. With a vast vocabulary for writing IELTS and PTE, you can comprehend what new terms imply without looking them up.

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