Latest College Interview Questions and Answers pdf for 2021

College Interview Questions and Answers pdf

College interviews provide you with another opportunity to tell admissions staff more about yourself. You should take the interview seriously because it helps present a more accurate picture of you as a student.

Although over-preparing for a college interview is not a clever idea, you should continually anticipate particular questions that interviewers are likely to ask. These questions are intended to elicit information about your hobbies and passions. Some of the interviewers’ favourite questions are as follows:

“What motivates you to attend this college?”

This question is intended to assess your level of interest in the institution. Some schools track interest and use it as a criterion for admission, so do your homework before applying. Read the college’s literature and website and connect it to your interests. Combine those with your reasons, such as the fact that it has a close-knit student community. The interviewer will be impressed with your research if you can provide concrete instances.

“How do you intend to contribute to this community?”

Colleges are looking for givers. They are looking for somebody that can bring vitality to their campus. So make sure you tell them how you want to achieve it. Discuss your abilities, experiences, and contributions. A fantastic approach is to tell them how you want to contribute back to the community, whether teaching peers in a subject you excel at, starting a new community chapter on campus, or sharing your thoughts with other students.


College Interview Questions and Answers pdf


“Which activities matter the most to you?”

You should include hobbies that are close to your heart, just as you would in an essay. You want the interviewer to understand what drives you. However, unlike an essay, you can detail your actions without being limited by word count. However, resist the need to boast. Talk in a natural tone, and if you’re passionate about what you do, it will come over. Discuss specific anecdotes; interviewers enjoy hearing personal stories. For example, if you enjoy music, you can discuss your first performance and how you nearly stumbled on stage due to nerves. But don’t makeup stories.

“What books have you recently read?”

Many applicants believe that this is a “trap” question in which they must provide a book that is either intellectual or moral. It doesn’t have to be that way. Simply discuss a book you have read. However, avoid the usual cliche titles that you read in English class. Because part of the aim is to assess your initiative and inventiveness, it is preferable to choose a book that you found rather than one assigned to you. But don’t lie about the books you’ve read; if the interviewer happens to be familiar with one of the novels you lied about, you’ll be in big trouble.

Finally, the interviewer wants to learn more about you, so be yourself.

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College Interview Questions and Answers pdf

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