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6 Myths About the PTE Exam

If you are taking the PTE Academic Exam, you are bound to hear and read strange things about it.  However, make sure that you don’t get distracted because most are technically false myths. Here are 6 myths to dispel as you prepare for your Exam.

Myth #1. Low typing speed can affect your Score

The minimum typing speed you need to complete your writing tasks is around 15 words per minute. The average typing speed when using only 2 fingers is 30 words per minute. This means that you can complete the writing tasks in time without any difficulty.

Myth #2. I don’t need to take PTE coaching. I can prepare myself. 

Although you can prepare the PTE Exam yourself, most successful people have attended a PTE preparation course. ShivaKumar who scored 90/90 on PTE says “PTE Academy has a laser-like focus on the PTE exam. I can confidently say that PTE Academy understands exactly how the PTE-A exam works and what precisely is required to crack it.”

Myth #3. Use of “Backspace” button on the keyboard results in negative marking.


This is incorrect. Pearson does not penalize the use of “Backspace” button on the keyboard.


Myth #4. To get my desired PTE score, I must attempt as many PTE mock tests as possible.


You only need to apply effective test strategies rather than write multiple mock tests to obtain a decent score in your Pearson test of English exam. This is not to say that authentic mock tests on Pearson’s website are not helpful. Remember that the exam measures your English skills and not how well you know the test.


Myth #5 To pass the speaking test, I must speak with a western accent.

Speaking test is part of the examination, which typically aims to test English speaking skills. You don’t need to speak in a western accent to get a high score. Use your natural accent and focus on speaking clearly and naturally.


Myth #6 Quality is more important than speed.


While the quality of the answers you give during the examination is important, it is important to remember that all 4 sections of the test have a limit, so you have to answer all questions within the allocated time.


Once you have dispelled these 6 Myths About the PTE Exam, you will feel more confident and can focus on what’s important to achieve your ideal PTE score. If you consider taking the PTE exam, PTE Academy offers the best PTE coaching courses in Hyderabad that can help you achieve your passing score.



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