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PTE Academy

Our teachers leave no stone unturned to polish you. Personal attention is given to all the students in all the modules.
We have kept small batch size to make you provide a conducive environment for learning.
The course structure has been designed with precision to help you attain your target score..
Be it studies or work, we accommodate your availability and provide full day timings as per your convenience..
Our students regularly score more than what their program requires them to.

At PTE Academy, we believe in mastering education with excellence.
With our comprehensive and innovative programs, we offer the best coaching that steadily builds concepts from the intermediate to advanced levels. High quality courses that cater to language proficiency are offered in an environment that is conducive for learning and makes coaching class apart. Our student centric approach will help you to achieve outstanding scores by pushing the capabilities beyond limits. The intensive courses provide useful tips and strategies that will make you derive the maximum benefit out of your test practice. Structured learning process is ideal for the candidates who seek maximum exposure in their requisite tests.
PTE Academy’s courseware is specifically designed to prepare the students for PTE by going step-by-step on the specific modules.
It is through our professionally developed material and strategic training at our state-of-the-art classrooms that we create a student friendly learning environment. During the course, students are continuously counseled and assessed by our experts, who adapt their classes to the needs of individual students. We make the students practice the type of questions that may feature in the examination, understand the kind of answers an examiner expects, teach the techniques to improve the score and familiarize with the test format and time restrictions.
Our teaching methodology is as per the standardized structure of the official bodies running the examinations.
Personalized attention is given to the students to hone their skills with the help of the tutor’s support. Highly interactive & communicative exercises, superior pedagogy and course material is provided to our students in advanced classrooms so as to give them a winning edge.


Collocations are words that go together naturally. Learning collocations is essential for making your English sound fluent and natural!

Collocations beginning with B

Collocations beginning with C

Collocations beginning with D


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